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13 Post dilatation barium swallow showed rapid entry of barium into the stomach, without any signs of perforation (Fig.
Barium swallow reports were available for 30 patients.
Note the large Zenker diverticulum on the preoperative barium swallow (arrow).
Barium swallow was carried out in 10 patients, which shows stricture in 4 patients, ulcerative lesion in 2, and polypoidal in 1.
Barium swallow and esophagoscopy are used as primary investigations for dysphagia, and they can demonstrate esophageal narrowing and sometimes fistula between the cyst and the esophagus.
Barium swallow was the first diagnostic test in this condition and not endoscopy.
The patient was diagnosed with achalasia by upper endoscopy, barium swallow, and manometry which revealed no peristaltic activity of the esophagus and non-relaxation of the LES.
To rule out esophageal perforation, the team ordered Gastrografin and barium swallow studies.
With the adoption of Modified Barium Swallow Study or Video-fluoroscopy as a diagnostic tool, feeding and swallowing assessment and treatment has predominantly become associated with speech and language pathology.
Barium swallow tests in the perioperative period showed dilatation of the lower oesophagus, which recovered to almost normal within 4 years (Fig.
3,7) On barium swallow examination the ducts appear as tiny 1-5 mm flask-shaped out-pouchings arranged in clusters of longitudinal rows.