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BARLEYCORN. A lineal measure, containing one-third of an inch. Dane's Ab. c. 211, a. 13, s. 9. The barleycorn was the first measure, with its division and multiples, of all our measures of length, superfices, and capacity. Id. c. 211, a. 1 2, s. 2.

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For instance, he guides readers in observing the development of the scratch mark in clay used by Babylonians to count barleycorns, showing how this crude technology came about and evolved into the study of mathematics and, six thousand years later, into Boolean algebra and the basis for computer science.
y fue sustituido por el pie aleman--335 mm-- en el siglo V; fue en el siglo XIII que se promulgo la ley Composition of Yards and Perches, donde se estipulo que <<3 barleycorns hacen una pulgada, doce pulgadas hacen un pie, 3 pies hacen una yarda, cinco yardas y media hacen una percha, y 40 x 4 perchas hacen un acre>>.
Fourteenth-century statutes noted a yard (perhaps based originally on a rod or stick) of three feet, each foot containing 12 inches, each inch equalling the length of three barleycorns.