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While the players can be easily monitored in a small group, though, Barmy Army founder Paul Burnham has concerns about fans making their own arrangements and travelling separately from official tour groups.
And when you have a club like Crystal Palace willing to pay PS125-130k a week to Christian Benteke (above) at Liverpool you do think it's a Liverpo gone barmy.
Mrs P Biddle It is a travesty Birmingham City Council once again is trying to ruin Christmas by banning Christmas carols, yet another of their barmy ideas.
On Tuesday, members from the Barmy Army will travel to St Fagans Cricket Club to compete against their arch-rivals, the Australian Fanatics, in a cricket tournament.
But in Barmy Britain 3, a brand new show, you'll have the chance to meet plenty of crazy characters and rude rulers from Britain's barmy past.
I believe passionately in my business - and the future of Barmy - and that passion and determination, together with a solid business plan, will hopefully take me where I want to go.
Barmy Britain - Part Two ensures real history is conveyed in a fun and memorable way with new songs and sketches.
Barmy Barney Barn Owl is suitable for confident readers of 7 upwards and would make a good storytime book at the end of the day, having short chapters which could be read a day at a time, over a week.
REVIEW Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain BELGRADE THEATRE, COVENTRY ELIZABETH I goes Undercover Boss while Guy Fawkes plays Who Wants To Blow Up Parliament in the latest Horrible Histories live stage show.
Sydney, Dec 8 ( ANI ): The Barmy Army is set to be rebranded as the Barmy Glee Club, with the raucous supporters pledging to serenade Australia with more friendly songs when they visit England.
Graeme Swann's foreword to Going Barmy leaves you in no doubt about the extent to which England's cricketers hold their loyal, raucous travelling support, aka the Barmy Army, in esteem.
The Barmy Army will be at tomorrow's Emirates Airline Twenty20 on the lookout for new members in time for England's Test match against Pakistan in Dubai early next year.