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Barn Swallows from Europe spend the winter in Africa south of the Sahara, in Arabia and in the Indian sub-continent.
2006) documented the apparent complete displacement of barn swallows from culvert colonies in southwest Texas.
Barn swallows, for instance, hunt by zipping back and forth across a field.
Locally referred to as layang layang, barn swallows (Hirundo rustica) are migratory bird species known for traveling long distances to tropical areas like the Philippines to escape winter.
Almost exclusively insectivores, barn swallows are dynamic aerial feeders.
Junction City residents found a few dozen barn swallows in two adjacent barns, Gillin said.
They have also found that barn swallows living in areas surrounding Chernobyl have genetic damage that appears to be increasing with subsequent generations.
Tiny barn swallows struggle across the sands to find a life-saving oasis.
Moller of the University of Paris-Sud examined the survival from one breeding season to the next of a wild European population of barn swallows, as well as the annual survival rates of 58 species of American birds.
It's unfortunate most city children will never see a sky full of barn swallows in the evening, performing their flawless ballet, darting here and there, in their quest for food.
jpg) Barn swallows living in heavily contaminated areas near Chernobyl are much more likely to have deformed beaks and tail feathers.
I share this confession because Appalachia also offers an occasional afternoon when all is a hush and each companion--cloud, hedge, left and right, barn swallows and the back porch--is: