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In "Medusa," connected through an "Old barnacled umbilicus," the poet-speaker rebirths herself by purging the connecting cable.
In "Medusa," a poem written within a day after "Daddy," the persona spitefully rejects the "old barnacled umbilicus" of the maternal figure who is never explicitly referred to, but always metaphorically hinted at as a "God-ball," a "lens of mercies," an "Atlantic cable," a "Tremulous breath at the end of my line," a "placenta/ Paralysing the kicking lovers," "Cobra light," "Bottle in which I live,/Ghastly Vatican," an "eely tentacle" (Plath 1989: 224-5).
When I go down to the place of pebbles and footprints, the wet pool, the dry bask, the brittle long wait, and lean on the silence as tall piers are leaning with barnacled mystery from the low tide, it's water I learn from, through smell and through silence.
Sea" (619-38) seeks to be in and of the sea--tossed by waves, washed up on shore, beached, barnacled, drowned, and swimming--while writing about the sea, gathering in references, allusions, sea stories, and cultural references.
It is a question unlikely to have troubled her predecessors, women like Elizabeth I -- whose portraits depict the Virgin Queen as velvet-clad semi-divinity, cloaks threaded with gold filament and barnacled with pearls, the ivory egg of her head nestled in a ruff of extravagant lace -- or the Queen Empress Victoria, whose appearance, to swipe Lewis Carroll's description of his Red Queen, invariably called to mind the "concentrated essence of all governesses.
Cameras were everywhere now, on the barnacled legs of oil rigs, in the hands of divers, on the ship channel's markers that lined the Port of Houston .
Moreover the film also can find ancestors in the cantankerous-grandpa sub-genre, for example Monty Woolley movies from the 1940s like The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942) or Since You Went Away (1944), where under his barnacled exterior the old grump is revealed to have a heart of gold.
In our country, however, it is barnacled with established practices which have become part of the untouchable canon.
That professional writing in linguistics, teaching, literature, and foreign language teaching is barnacled with incautious semantic and syntactical expressions will not be a revelation to many because it has long been assumed to be an inconvenient hazard in these professions.
Billow of sail, flash of oars, and the Conqueror himself at the flagship's prow, sailing up the beach between the barnacled wooden breakwaters and a few inverted sculls.
Barnacled, weathered and bent, his fingers grabbed the handle of a saw even when no saw was in his hand.