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They then asked 97 college students if they saw evidence in the data that pain was correlated with barometric pressure.
The effect of the barometric pressure on sea level variability was removed by using the hydrostatic equation following the methodology of Gill (1982), and Salas-Monreal & Valle-Levinson (2008):
Once the storm is over though, the picture is likely to change as barometric pressure starts to rise again.
The unit can either be set for station pressure or for altitude, which tracks barometric pressure.
Barometric pressure and wind (both speed and direction) go hand in hand.
On the days of 6th and 7th October, beside strong disturbing harmonic oscillations there occurred two events of inverse barometric effects, which additionally deformed tidal undulations.
We know deer can smell better than dogs, but I suspect that when the barometric pressure drops, deer can't smell as well either.
Lower barometric pressure within two or three days of the hospital visit increased the risk.
Lower barometric pressure within two or three days of the hospital visit also increased the risk of non-migraine headaches.
W$ 30 W$ = LEFTS (W$, 1) : GOSUB 400 40 INPUT ; "What is the barometric pressure?
The sensors feature unidirectional, bidirectional, or barometric calibrations and are intended to be used with air and non-corrosive gases.
2 : a region of high barometric pressure <A strong high brought clear skies.