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With Bosch Sensortec as the market leader in barometric pressure sensors and delivering several hundred million of its pressure sensors into high-end smartphones already today NextNav's solution is well-prepared for immediate mass-market adoption.
My handheld required me to monitor the temperature, wind, and barometric pressure and input it into the handheld.
I don't think the barometric pressure has to be rising or that it has to be dropping--I think it's just a rapid change that deer notice.
The barometric pressure at this altitude was measured as 805 millibar, well below the sea-level average of 1013 millibar.
The sensor determines height differences from changes in barometric pressure and temperature.
The NIST Mass and Force Group has some accumulated barometric pressure data that can corroborate the air density interval used in the above uncertainty calculation.
Which of the following hurricanes has a more severe category rating: A hurricane with a barometric pressure reading of 930 mb or a hurricane that brings a 3 m storm surge?
A strong inverse correlation exists between groundwater-levels and barometric pressure.
SAIC's support to NDBC involves the maintenance of 152 gathering stations that collect real-time data on atmosphere, ocean, wind, rainfall, temperature and salinity that collect real-time atmospheric (temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and winds) and ocean (sea surface temperature, currents, and waves) data.
McAlindon and his colleagues at Tufts-New England Medical Center, Boston, suggest that persons with knee osteoarthritis do indeed have greater pain when there are changes in barometric pressure.
Changes in ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, etc.
A change in barometric pressure during storm events effects the thermocline by pushing it down deeper," he explains.