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formerly the title held by judges of the COURT OF EXCHEQUER.

BARON. This word has but one signification in American law, namely, husband: we use baron and feme, for husband and wife. And in this sense it is going out of use.
     2. In England, and perhaps some other countries, baron is a title of honor; it is the first degree of nobility below a viscount. Vide Com. Dig. Baron and Feme; Bac. Ab. Baron and Feme; and the articles. Husband; Marriage; Wife.
     3. In the laws of the middle ages, baron or bers, (baro) signifies a great vassal; lord of a fief and tenant immediately from the king: and the words baronage, barnage and berner, signify collectively the vassals composing the court of the king; as Le roi et son barnage, The king and his court. See Spelman's Glossary, verb. Baro.

COVERT, BARON. A wife; so called, from her being under the cover or protection of her husband, baron or lord.

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The Grand Hall features a baronial fireplace and flagstone floor and is currently used as a large reception hall and dining room and is described as 'ideal for entertaining.
Ghyllheugh, in Longhorsley, Morpeth, is built in a baronial style with a range of wonderful period features.
In Post HOUSE OF CONTRASTS Fitness suite alongside baronial splendour LEVEL BEST Indoor swimming pool and self-contained annexe Property ISSUE 277 THURSDAY MAY 31 2012 POST PROPERTY The Edwardian home which is a haven for rare fungi, a farm near Lichfield with fitness studio, and a Home of the 'Clent strangler' EDGBASTONHARBORNEHEREFORDSHIRESTAFFORDSHIRESOLIHULL WARWICKSHIRESHROPSHIRESTOURBRIDGEWORCESTERSHIRE bungalow with Garden is a mycologist's dream two acresGet the Birmingham Post on your mobile phone.
However, like close friend and former FIA president Max Mosley has previously remarked, Ecclestone feels the teams need to continue further cutting their cloth accordingly rather than spending vast sums of money "on baronial motorhomes and all kinds of entertainment".
One of the best jobs for the working class was in the kitchen of a baronial home, while the most respected were masons and craftsmen who passed their skills on to apprentices.
They went totally against Kirstie and Phil's recommendations, and instead bought a well over-budget baronial mansion.
It has a stately home where the lord of the manor gets his orders from the ghosts of his ancestors via the family portraits in the baronial hall.
SITTING back in the library of Cameron House, a splendid baronial mansion overlooking the shores of Loch Lomond, it's easy to relax.
If it's not the Tescopolists picketing outside, or the disapproving glances of selected locals, or journalists from the Mail, The Guardian and local scribes scrabbling around for a sniff of a story in Tesco Terry's backyard, it's the prospect of his lordship popping down from the baronial manor for a pint of milk and 20 Benson & Hedges.
From 1842 until his death in 1857, 'Baron' Nathan was the somewhat eccentric Master of Ceremonies at the Baronial Hall, his most famous accomplishment being 'the egg hornpipe', but this entertaining spectacle was eventually abandoned due to over enthusiastic 'audience participation'.
Many of these were 19th-century piles in the Scottish baronial style that was out of favour for much of the 20th century, and such houses were not therefore usually recorded by Country Life.
In the middle of October 2001, Ben Bonk, a CIA lifer, quietly entered a baronial home on Regent's Park in London for a meeting he hoped would be the start of something.