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BARRACK. By this term, as used in Pennsylvania, is understood an erection of upright posts supporting a sliding roof, usually of thatch. 5 Whart. R. 429.

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The term barracker as applied to sports followers is local rather than international and is likely to cause confusion for some readers.
The crazed barracker hurled 45 minutes of abuse at Baddiel as the funnyman did a stand-up routine at a club.
Canning cut a solemn figure at time-up as he appealed for the barrackers to get behind his struggling side.
Ipswich defender Tommy Smith has the support of boss Mick McCarthy as he tries to get the barrackers off his back.
Manager Billy Frith's notes are always worth a re-read as he rails against outrageous bad luck and misfortune, the 'London Press' and discontented barrackers.
But Sam Tomkins, constantly jeered by the Leeds fans, could be in trouble for making a "v" sign to his barrackers after Josh Charnley's opener.
In order to understand this profound interrelationship, it is essential not to limit the analysis to specific groups of extreme supporters, or barrackers, as too often is the case in articles on soccer and society.
This yelling was so notable that spectators were termed barrackers, after the word barrack, which then referred to derisive shouts.
His antics wound up a section of the Scarborough crowd but, had his barrackers stayed around after play, they would have seen him join in a game with some youngsters on the outfield, to delight all round.
Gareth Barry is convinced the Wembley barrackers won't affect his England teammate Ashley Cole and has predicted the other Ashley in his life - Aston Villa wing wizard Ashley Young - will be joining him in Fabio Capello's squad sooner rather than later.
Benayoun also wasted an opportunity to silence his barrackers behind the goal in the Bobby Moore Stand when he went for precision rather than power but failed to get his radar correct with a flicked shot over the bar from a Kuyt pass after both Green and Matthew Upson had sliced attempted clearances up in the air.