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BARRACK. By this term, as used in Pennsylvania, is understood an erection of upright posts supporting a sliding roof, usually of thatch. 5 Whart. R. 429.

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Maybe Stanley had taught him all about this in barracks.
Surely he must know that Kim's delivery of the letter to the officer at Umballa had caused the great war which the men and boys had discussed so loudly over the barrack dinner-tables.
He said that age of some of prisoners confined in adolescents' barracks was certified by the Jail Medical Officer to be above 21 years, therefore they were shifted out of adolescents barracks.
Procurement Docking and Repair Services to Ship Floating Barracks Motive Motru 3780 Draft Info Docking and Repair the Ship Floating Barracks Motive Oltul Ship Fence Place: Tulcea Military Port to Ship Floating Barracks Motive Motru, Project 3780 and the Military Port of Constanta to Ship Floating Barracks Oltul Motive.
Officers were hunting the grounds of Marne Barracks, near Catterick, Yorkshire, and land beside the busy route to find the blast site.
He said that any kind of heater is not allowed in barracks and keeping in view persistent harsh winter spell, the gate of all barracks were covered properly with best quality of polythene sheets well ahead of current cold waves.
The monarch met former colleagues and officers at the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich in a trip arranged before Rigby's death.
The Warwickshire Library Service will send a vehicle to the barracks, in Bramcote, Nuneaton, once every three weeks on a Tuesday, starting from April 17.
Minister for Housing Willie Penrose accused army chiefs of "crass stupidity" after a proposal was made to shut the Columb Military Barracks in Mullingar.
Coleman Barracks, formerly Fliegerhorst (flyer's nest) Kaserne, was built in 1938 as an airfield for the German air force operating fighters and bombers.
The Museum of Struggle formed the core of the brief, but it also involved the preservation of the Red Location barracks and a range of new civic buildings and housing.
DOD and the services have not determined whether "privatization," or private sector financing, ownership, operation, and maintenance of military barracks is feasible and cost-effective.