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far as increasing the pond of level of Sukkur Barrage is concerned it has to be approved by the CM Sindh even if an inch is increased, he pointed out.
Although Barrage is primarily marketed toward customers whose data originates from sensor and IoT devices, it can store and analyze any time-series data, including web and transaction logs.
Water Expert Mr Ali Gohar Shah said that if pond level of Sukkur Barrage was increased it would cause seepage on both the banks, right and left.
We chose the barrage because I live in Southport, which is local to Liverpool, and Josh and Nathan studied here, so we all had a connection and felt something was missing from the city.
Council officials have insisted this related to the age and fragility of the wall and did not have anything to do with pressure on the barrage.
The rest returned to sea or died, many being eaten by the seals which wait at the barrage to gorge on trapped fish.
The Marina Barrage is a showcase of urban water sustainability.
Barrage will be missed as a father, a friend, a colleague and an active member of the communications industry in this part of the world.
Climate Change Minister Ian Pearson said: "The barrage is a proposal that has been discussed quite widely over the best part of 20 years.
The talented violinists of Barrage also dance, sing and do acrobatics in the troupe's lively ``Vagabond Tales,'' which is making stops in Long Beach and Thousand Oaks.
Responding to a Nepalese request, India has stopped construction of a barrage that is feared to submerge the world heritage site Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha in western Nepal.
THE cost of the controversial Cardiff Bay Barrage is still spiralling - and will cost millions more.