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La saison hydrologique 2016/2017 a ete caracterisee par un manque d'apports en eau dans les barrages, a-t-il fait remarquer, ajoutant que les apports enregistres depuis le 1er septembre 2016 sont estimes a 800 millions de m3, soit 42% de la moyenne annuelle (environ1900 millions de m3).
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-July 7, 2015-World Bank approves USD188m to rehabilitate Guddu Barrage
Punjab is also rehabilitating its barrages and has already raised capacity of Kalabagh and Taunsa barrages on the Indus and Khanki over Chenab.
The Gudu barrages is expected to hold up to 700,000 cusses, Sukkur barrage up to 600,000 cusses while Kotri barrage over 600,000 cusses.
Dans une declarations sur le barrage ,au centre des etudes du futur mercredi, il a dit que la construction du barrage a des avantages sur l'Egypte, le Soudan et l'Ethiopie soulignant que ce qui est pris par le gouvernement soudanais en ce qui concerne la construction du barrage et une position honorable en affirmant le manque de soutien israelien a l'Ethiopie dans la construction du barrage.
Une fois que 18% du barrage sera accompli, les terres agricoles en Eegypte seraient affectees et le taux de salinite des terres du Delta augmenterait, ce qui menace la securite nationale egyptienne, a-t-il reitere.
Former Welsh Secretary Peter Hain quit the shadow cabinet in May to spearhead the necessary legislation to give the green light for a privately-funded barrage, which he claims would be the "biggest single source of renewable energy in Europe".
In order to help flood prevention in future and sustaining huge water flow pressures, the incumbent government had requested international financial institutions to conduct feasibility studies of two irrigation infrastructures - Sukkur, 78 years old and Guddu, 48 years old barrages - for discharge capacity enhancement and rehabilitation.
Feasibility Report Taunsa Barrage, Punjab Barrages Rehabilitation Project, Phase-1, Submitted by Joint Venture of NDC-NESPAK- ATKINS, to Irrigation and Power Department, Government of Punjab, (2005).
The French have got more hands-on experience of big tidal barrages than probably the rest of the world put together, principally from the one across the River Rance, in Brittany.
Instead of one large barrage, Elliott suggests that a grid of smaller barrages and freestanding tidal-stream turbines, spread out around the coast where tidal streams are fast, would be cheaper, easier and just as effective.