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Avril's husband Mickey clasping his two-year-old son Patrick to his big barrel chest.
Just 14 seconds of it had passed by the time John Hartson pulled a bouncing ball down on his barrel chest and lashed a dipping shot off the top of Jerzy Dudek's cross bar.
With that big barrel chest of his, he makes Arnold Schwarzenegger look like Mr Bean.
A macho man with a booming voice as loud as his barrel chest allows.
With rugged barrel chests and whiskers, 19th century market hunters and recreational waterfowlers molded the Chesapeake Bay retriever.
lt;p>Do bear in mind that the three-piece suit is not suitable for all body types -- some of us may end up looking a little too constricted -- those with barrel chests had best avoid waistcoats entirely.
They are an unmistakable sight in flight, with big, barrel chests, long beaks and broad, round wings.
This is the reality for most ordinary Fijians and you get to sit by beautiful mums with beautiful babies with saucer eyes and burly, handsome men with tree-trunk thighs and barrel chests.