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BARREL. A measure of capacity, equal to thirty-six gallons.

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To celebrate my 21st birthday, my army mates brought in a barrelful of lager and this, interspersed with shots of schnapps, made me really ill, which the medical officer diagnosed as an allergic reaction to alcohol.
And when it does, we're going to want it by the barrelful.
Childermass knew what young men hear in the rattling of the drums and the tooting of the pipes that makes them leave their homes and go to be soldiers--and he knew the half-eggcupful of glory and the barrelful of misery that await them.
As if the Yankees weren't causing enough pain by themselves, our favorite Jewish matchmaker Patti Stanger came rolling into town last night with her barrelful of crazy.
"All the promises of fairness in Labour's manifesto should be taken with a barrelful of salt.
The tsar's army is demoralized and in full retreat from the Germans, so they start handing out medals to restore moraleshoveling them out by the bucketful, then the barrelful, then the carload-but it's all a useless gesture.
Fails Al Ghazi (the wonderful Ashraf Barhom), is fated for a barrelful of frustrations.
All praise to the sterling Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra for not succumbing to Christmas hysteria and regaling us with yet another barrelful of seasonal froth.