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"We are barricaded in from the front and what is annoying is we have repeatedly complained to the council, but we've just been ignored.
Carol Whyte, prosecuting, said: "The accused's mother contacted the police as she was concerned because he had barricaded himself in his bedroom.
No barricaded zones remain in Osh by this evening in the result of held talks and provided explanations to the population, Osh city commandant and police chief Kursan Asanov said."The talks were held with community leaders of the barricaded zones.
On the third consecutive day of unrest, masked gunmen in West Kingston vanished down side streets barricaded with barbed wire and wrecked cars intended to block outsiders.
A responsible police officer told Tuesday all the avenues leading to Kahuta laboratory had been barricaded and police strength had been enhanced on the barricades set up at various places.
He pointed at embassies, intelligence offices, attorney generals office, the Supreme Court and the parliament itself as the most barricaded facilities.
Angry Longwood residents barricaded a bin lorry into their quiet cul-de-sac after being told bags of excess rubbish would not be collected.
Before it was barricaded, Ledra Street was nearly a kilometre long, and reflecting the ethnic demographics, its partition left some 800 metres on the Greek Cypriot side and the remainder north of the dividing line.