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3) See, eg, Jonathon Hill, 'Litigation and Negligence: A Comparative Study' (1986) 6 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 183; David Pannick, Advocates (1992) 197-206, cited in Arthur Hall [2002] 1 AC 615, 678 (Lord Steyn); Melissa Newman, 'The Case against Advocates' Immunity: A Comparative Study' (1995) 9 Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 267; Stanley Yeo, 'Dismantling Barristerial Immunity' (1998) 14 Queensland University of Technology Law Journal 12; Peter Cane, Tort Law and Economic Interests (2nd ed, 1996) 233-8; Francis Trindade and Peter Cane, The Law of Torts in Australia (3rd ed, 1999) 429; James Goudkamp, 'Is There a Future for Advocates' Immunity?
as permissible by a responsible body of barristerial opinion even though other barristers may adopt a different practice': at 14.
Judge Christopher Elwen hands a note to Whittam, who sets off a chain of whispers, leading to a huddle of barristerial nods, resulting in the arrival of 10.