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Then the barrister said in a lower voice, which seemed at once sympathetic and creepy: "Did you see it distinctly?
When Father Brown began, in his simplicity, to say who he thought the man in the passage was, the barrister told him that he did not want his theories.
Now, in my opinion, the barrister who put forward this extraordinary plea was probably absolutely convinced that he was stating the most liberal, the most humane, the most enlightened view of the case that could possibly be brought forward in these days.
Solicitors in VLA were no less insistent that barristers avoid inconveniencing them by returning briefs.
Barristers give specialist legal advice to solicitors and other professional clients, and represent individual clients and organisations in court or at tribunals.
CRIME suspects could go undefended and unprosecuted from next month as barristers prepare to protest against pay cuts.
May challenges the Whigish notion that increasingly "rights-oriented" barristers exerted pressure to obtain a larger place in the felony hearings, finding that, in fact, the overwhelming majority of the London bar opposed the expansion of its role that came with the 1836 Prisoners' Counsel Act.
The Bar Council has approved an application by ECUK that will enable all Chartered Engineers to instruct barristers directly for advice on matters falling within their engineering discipline.
Amongst feminists, whose influence in many areas is on the wane, women barristers stand out for the frequency and plenitude of their complaints.
He said this while addressing a ceremony organized by Society of Barristers at a local hotel.
James is the latest recruit to 3PB's new Birmingham office which began last September with their hiring of highly-regarded silk Liz McGrath QC together with a team of five other barristers from St Philips Chambers and Practice Director Ian Charlton.