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The exchange of goods or services without the use of money as currency.

Barter is a contract wherein parties trade goods or commodities for other goods, as opposed to sale or exchange of goods for money. Barter is not applicable to contracts involving land, but solely to contracts relating to goods and services. For example, when a tenant exchanges the performance of various maintenance tasks around a house for free room and board, a barter has taken place.


verb bargain, buy and sell, deal, dicker, give and take, give in exchange, haggle, interchange, make exchanges, market, merces mutare, merchandise, peddle, rem pro re pacisci, rem re mutare, strike a bargain, swap, switch, trade, trade by exchange, trade off, traffic by exxhange, vend
See also: alienate, business, commerce, deal, dealings, dicker, exchange, handle, interchange, sell, trade


exchanging one thing for another. If there is money involved (a part exchange) then the transaction is probably one of sale. The position in the UK is that barter is now governed by the same kind of implied terms as a sale. See QUALITY, DESCRIPTION, TITLE.

BARTER. A contract by which the parties exchange goods for goods. To complete the contract the goods must be delivered, for without a delivery, the right of property is not changed.
     2. This contract differs from a sale in this, that barter is always of goods for goods, whereas a sale is an exchange of goods for money. In the former there never is a price fixed, in the latter a price is indispensable. All the differences which may be pointed out between these two contracts, are comprised in this; it is its necessary consequence. When the contract is an exchange of goods on one side, and on the other side the consideration is partly goods and partly money, the contract is not a barter, but a sale. See Price; Sale.
     3. If an insurance be made upon returns from a country where trade is carried on by barter, the valuation of the goods in return shall be made on the cost of those given in barter, adding all charges. Wesk. on Ins. 42. See 3 Camp. 351 Cowp. 818; 1 Dougl. 24, n.; 1 N. R. 151 Tropl. de l'Echange.

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To kickstart a new scheme, Locke, 53, is holding a meeting for barterers either side of the Wales-England border next month.
Finley, the great historian of the ancient economy, spent a lifetime to prove his questionable thesis that the Greeks--who imported grain from southern Russia, calibrated the cost of the Parthenon to the drachma, and left us a plethora of mortgage stones, financial inventories, and complicated estate exchanges--were to be understood as economically unsophisticated and irrational, more as tribal barterers than calculating capitalists without much abstract appreciation of interest, supply, demand, or any of the other practices associated with the complex market.
The Gucci and Rolex watches are also better fakes then any I've seen - and I've experienced my fair share of expire-within-a-month models - costing about pounds 3 to experienced barterers.
Job applicants, barterers, used car buyers, and apartment seekers get their best results from the medium with the most offerings.
Indians have always been barterers and traders," she says.