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They found that the basal layer epithelial cells were CD 34 positive in addition to being positive to a few other markers.
In CTR and PIN epithelium, the mean nuclear size measured in the basal layer was also compared with the measurements performed in the columnar stratum.
The topmost part of the Lemme Member is more argillaceous, uniform, and horizontally bedded and is therefore regarded as the basal layer of the next Mesocycle III of the Raikkula Stage (Fig.
The basal layer is not developed in juvenile scales and tesserae or is indistinct; in adult units the aspidine basal layer is rather dense but pierced by sparse, vertically-ascending vascular canals.
The epidermal layer is 30 to 300 um, and is derived from a basal layer of stem cells.
The lack of basal expression of hsp 70 in the UROtsa cells was also in general agreement with that found for the in situ human bladder, where a low level of hsp 70 expression, localized to the nucleus, was noted in cells of the basal layer of the urothelium but not in the more stratified, differentiated layers of urothelial cells (Somji et al.
Occupation levels were interspersed by layers of both wind and waterlain sand, and from the basal layer of the trench an AMS date of (GX-24764) 240 [+ or -] 40 BP or 1710 [+ or -] 40 AD was obtained.
In addition, clinical studies show Aldara cream has activity throughout skin tissue -- beyond the basal layer -- where the virus is more likely to be found.
A basal layer is present and demonstrable by immunohistochemistry.
Epithelial skin stem cells are found in the basal layer of the epidermis, while hair bulge stem cells are found in hair follicles.
Yet skin cancers arise from the deeper basal layer of the skin--where most of the UVA-induced DNA damage was found.
The basal layer is made up of cuboid cells with a basal location of the nucleus, while the apical cells are columnar and nonciliated (figure 2).