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Haematoxylin and Eosin stained section at 100x Magnification of Macular Amyloidosis showing Mild Hyperkeratosis, Acanthosis, Increased Basal Layer Pigmentation and Focal Amyloid Deposit
Ki-67 expression was seen in the basal and suprabasal layers of the lining epithelium of the dentigerous cysts, in only the suprabasal layer of the keratocystic odontogenic tumors, and in only the basal layer of the radicular cysts.
39) The histologic pattern of ulceration, lymphohistiocytic inflammation along the interface, damage to the basal layer, and Civatte bodies is similar to the cutaneous version.
2000) and Nechiporuk and Keating (2002) pointed out that Fgf and Msx genes stimulate the formation of the blastema, along with the Wnt5 gene, which is detected in the epidermal cap, especially in the basal layer of the epidermis in the final stages of regeneration.
During normal walking, this plaque moves against the surrounding tissues which become traumatised and release inflammatory mediators and growth factors, which causes more cells to be generated from the basal layer, and the process continues.
Absolute volumes of the labyrinth, the basal layer and the decidua were determined by the same method as used for determination of the absolute volume of the whole placenta.
Sever dysplasia describes changes from basal layer to upper and middle layer of epithelium (figure 10).
The beds comprised two layers of mussels: a basal layer attached to the rock and a surface layer attached to the basal layer.
For all HPV genotypes, the very first step of this life cycle process, which occurs almost immediately upon cellular exit from the basal layer, is the expression of E6/E7 mRNA, whose protein products force these cells to replicate and divide when they normally would not.
Melanoma is benign tumour of melanoblasts, the melanin containing cells present in basal layer of epidermis.
The glands of interest had both a luminal layer and a basal layer of cuboidal to columnar cells.