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Basal Metabolism in pregnant and nursing women and children.
The purpose of our study was to compare the differences in total energy intake (TEI), total energy expenditure (TEE) [including basal metabolism in one day (BMR), SPA and S.
Estimation of RE values indicates that at the beginning as well as at the end of the starvation period, shrimp needed the same endogenous energy to survive, whereas between 3 and 9 days they needed more energy, used essentially in respiration to maintain basal metabolism (Table 2).
Energy demands were greatest for basal metabolism and activity plus thermoregulation in both sexes (Fig.
During these early years, many practicing physicians called it the "blood basal metabolism test
This finding was interpreted as duality of body size and genome (or possibly cell) size effects on the rate of basal metabolism (or vice versa) in evolution, that is, body-mass corrected nucleotypic effect.
As basal metabolism falls, the heart slows, one becomes more sensitive to cold, hair and nail growth slows down, and modest weight gain occurs (not more than 10 to 15 pounds, however).
Resting basal metabolism uses less energy (fewer calories) to keep the human body running.