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The scale base is rhomboid or round in outline, with a concave basal surface.
These placoid scales have a drop-like, inclined, elongate crown, well-developed neck and small base with concave basal surface (Fig.
Based on the HL slopes, the basal surface free energies are estimated (see Table 2).
C,n*], and the corresponding basal surface free energies, [[sigma].
The large canal is subdivided within the base into two branches and runs sub-parallel with the basal surface (Fig.
Osteocyte lacunae are absent in the tooth base of Karksiodus and the transversal basal canal occurs as a prominent tube close to the basal surface.
The basal surfaces of the type II pneumocytes were invested by a well-defined basement membrane through which small cytoplasmic projections penetrated into the underlying connective tissue space (Figure 4, B).