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S7 with apical lobes not parallel-sided, much broader apically (apex about twice as broad as base), retrorse section of apex not comma-shaped; gonostylus more robust in profile, about same width across its length, basally not protuberant on medial margin in dorsal view (Peru).
The endophallic valves are long and slender, wide and dorsoventrally flattened basally, but laterally compressed and narrow apically.
McCarthy (1987) proposed that the relatively simple scale microornamentation in sea snakes (Laticauda colubrina: brachylamellate basally, cellular polygonal imbricate apically; McCarthy 1987, Price and Kelly, 1989) when compared to the relatively more complex microornamentation of terrestrial elapids was "perhaps connected with an anti-fouling strategy".
Legs: all femora whitish with a gray subapical mark and a lighter grayish elongated mark near base; tibiae and tarsi translucent shaded with gray medially on hind tibiae, a small light gray spot is present basally to all tarsal claws.
Fastigium very low, wide triangular, wider basally than antennal pedicel, pointed anteriorly and almost in contact with frontal apex at a single point, on upper side grooved or with lateral fringe.
High-power microscopic examination revealed uniform, basally oriented nuclei with single nucleoli.
Leg IV: stouter and larger than tritonymph; trochanter weakly granulate; femur not granulate; lateral margins of patella more granulate than ventral and dorsal margins; patella 2.39-2.70 longer than femur; tibia slightly curved basally, as long as patella or slightly shorter than patella (0.97-1.00); tarsus clearly shorter than tibia, with weak granules; most setae with one lateral and few terminal denticulations, patella with one simple median seta, tibia with simple and long terminal setae, tarsus with basal denticulate setae.
These stamens bear pale yellow anthers on filaments that are basally blue, distally white, and bearded by yellow moniliform trichomes (Figs.
Preanal appendages short, narrow, constricted basally, not greatly modified, with scant small setae; apex abruptly narrowed, forming subacuminate projection (Fig.
No spur on posteriormost ventral procurrent caudal-fin ray (see Johnson 1975); penultimate ventral procurrent caudal fin ray not shortened basally. Parhypural with hypurapophysis.
Paraprocts elongate, with a mesal, sickle-shaped prong: "handle" short, truncate, and distal half basally wide, narrowing to end, acuminate (Fig.