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Male palp dark brown; cymbium longer than wide, apically long, with two long spines - one on each apical and basal segment; embolus long and coiled, conductor spine like; tegulum with a pointed ridge in basal region; retrolateral tibial apophysis short, broad basally, pointed apically; ventral tibial apophysis rounded apically; femur with two short apicodorsal spines, two long dorsal spines; patella with two long dorsal spines, apical longer; tibia with three spines, dorsal and retrolateral long, prolateral short.
Supraanal plate triangular, slightly longer than wide, rounded apex, median sulcus basally broad, extending beyond midlength.
6 mm high, 65-88 [micron]m in maximum diameter; group of 18-20 strong annuli placed basally, and of 20-22 distally; usually smooth in between, but occasionally slightly waved.
Chelicerae yellowish brown, broad basally, gradually narrow anteriorly; promargin with two teeth, lower small, upper large; retromarginal tooth higher; fangs dark brown, short, strongly curved with scopulae at base.
Male fore tibia with a narrow, acutely angulate depression basally (Fig.
Follow-up contrast enhanced MRI of the brain was performed and showed significant regression of the post-contrast signal intensity in the right cavernous sinus, previously extending basally towards the trigeminal cave and anteriorly towards the apex of the right orbit, with right-sided temporal-basal dural sheath imbibition and imbibitions along the clivus (Fig.
2e) with syncoxa ornamented with spinular patch as depicted, and with one syncoxal (probably coxal) endite with one stout spinulose element fused to endite basally, and one slender seta.
Ablerus pexus is similar to Ablerus plesius (Annecke & Insley, 1970), from which it is separated by the following characters: antenna with F1 basally white and apically dark brown, longer than the pedicel and about as long as F2; forewings subapically with different form of transverse stripe, and basally with relatively numerous, black and coarse setae.
Our first aim is to dissect the cellular mechanisms governing the generation of the apoptotic force and its transmission to the tissue, both apically through planar polarity and basally through the extra-cellular matrix (ECM), in parallel with the identification of the network of genes orchestrating apoptosis-dependent morphogenesis through a powerful genetic screen.
Individual cells were polygonal with abundant granular basophilic cytoplasm and basally located round to oval bland nuclei (Figure 2d).
The VP has moderate to large acini comprised of cuboidal to simple columnar epithelial cells, which have basally located nuclei containing small nucleoli.
The chest was closed in layers and two drains were left in position one was placed basally and other one apically.