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An institution's unmet need is defined as tuition revenues minus students' Expected Family Contributions (EFCs), less any funds received under the base guarantee portion of the formula and other federal grant aid, such as Pelt funds.
Clearly, this is not the place for another military base.
Conventional pump installations typically consist of a steel reinforced concrete block foundation with an anchor bolted and grouted metal pump base plate.
In respect of using IAS for company tax purposes, TEI is pleased to submit the following written comments on the Consultation Document, The application of International Accounting Standards (IAS) in 2005 and the implications for the introduction of a consolidated tax base for companies' EU-wide activities issued in February 2003 ("Consultation Document").
In contrast to its current assets, a company's fixed assets frequently serve as the borrowing base for a term loan credit facility, where the amount is fixed for a period of time, there is an agreed-upon payment schedule and amounts paid cannot be re-borrowed.
This activity was previously demonstrated in polymerase beta, which is active in a repair pathway called base excision repair (BER).
The mold-base library currently contains D-M-E's A and B Series, as well as bases from Superior, PCS, and Progressive Components.
Eisenberg: Some are, but most of the plans don't have enough of a research base to sponsor or conduct this kind of work.
This design approach not only reflects legal mandates but, as Terry and Terry (1995) contend, "Universal programming bases success on group goals such as cooperation and listening, not on physical abilities.
That stiffness can make it difficult for an enzyme to position itself properly against a nucleotide or its base.
Under this plan, employees are eligible to receive variable pay awards--based o individual performance--in lieu of base salary increases or in addition to them Three basic types of variable merit pay plans are used the most.