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Structural studies by gel fraction extraction showed that both the base composition and all composites containing additives had the same high degree of crosslinking.
The low molecular weight polyethylene glycol being present in an amount of from 1-10% by weight of the base composition and the anhydrous carrier fluid being present in an amount of from 35-85% by weight of the base composition.
Base composition signatures were derived from PCR products amplified directly from human DNA samples and compared with base compositions expected from nonmutated human mtDNA.
Under the agreements, Essentially Yours will purchase Skinvisible's proprietary polymer base composition and has acquired a license to manufacture and sell a private line of antimicrobial skin protector products utilizing Skinvisible's patent-pending topical delivery technology.
GBA enables direct determination of DNA base composition at any site in the genome with pin-point accuracy.
Alloying elements such as Cu, Ni and Mo are added to the base composition individually or in combination.
The Sanger Institute has seen significant improvements in performance compared to C1, enhancing our research projects in the areas of de novo genome assembly, sequencing through repetitive elements, enabling coverage of regions with extreme base composition, and improving genome assemblies," said Harold Swerdlow, Ph.
Contract awarded for Eco-museum project base composition.