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1) because of its heterogeneous base composition and consistently poor performance (Miya et al.
Base composition distribution of the samples Sample Base Composition (%) A C G T GUT 24.
LOS computations are illustrated for the base composition C1 (HV--6%, Car--25%, Auto--11%, 2W 58%) using class-wise speed flow equations in Table 1.
8 which was selected from table 2 as a base composition for third stage melting.
The frequency of occurrence of each base composition was defined as the frequency that each expected base composition occurred over the set of 968 sequences in the database.
On the genetic basis of variation and heterogeneity of DNA base composition.
Ability to sequence all regions of DNA equally well, regardless of base composition
The ML tree was estimated by using the general-time reversible (GTR+I) model of nucleotide substitution, with the substitution matrix, base composition, and proportion of invariant sites (I) all estimated from the data.
The single-stranded extension products are then separated by ion-pair reversed-phase liquid chromatography under completely denaturing condition, and the retention time is a function of both size and base composition (4).
Alloying elements such as Cu, Ni and Mo are added to the base composition individually or in combination.
The county's consistent trend of positive operating performance has resulted in a build-up of solid financial reserves; -- The county benefits from its proximity to the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area; -- Taxable assessed valuation (TAV) growth has been rapid while the tax base composition has become more concentrated in natural gas; -- The county's direct debt burden is modest with rapid amortization; the overall burden is moderate.