base conduct

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By creating innovative solutions in the roofing and waterproofing industry, Standard not only enhances its products, but importantly, can help improve the way that its customers and contractor base conduct their business.
'On the operational front, the base conducted several VVIP long haul flights from Accra to Brussels, Washington, Dortmund, Berlin and Bangkok among others,' he said.
In the aftermath of 9/11, the base conducted a threat assessment and identified the JZ.2 miles of coastline as a vulnerability to terrorist attacks.
USDA staff members at Otis Air Force Base conducted the genetic analysis of the Boston beetles, according to Mr.
Yet a Cochrane systematic review of the evidence base conducted at roughly the same time resulted in a raft of recommendations for a variety of drugs targeting the specific core symptom domains of borderline personality disorder [BPD] (Br.
Boost Mobile, which has 4.5m customers, most of which are under 25, said customer usage results collected since December 2006 show that its subscriber base conducts 188% more mobile searches than the average mobile subscriber.
Last year the base conducted a Freedom Parade through Newcastle to celebrate the honour and mark the 100th anniversary of the Royal Naval Reserve.