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BASE. Something low; inferior. This word is frequently used in composition; as base court, base estate, base fee, &c.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Abbreviations AMI: Acute mesenteric ischemia I/R: Ischemia-reperfusion i.v.: Intravenously a.u.: Arbitrary units MAP: Mean arterial pressure HC[O.sub.3.sup.-]: Bicarbonate BE: Base excess pC[O.sub.2]: Carbon dioxide partial pressure.
The base excess is a calculation of the amount of base that would need to be added to or removed from the plasma to correct a pH imbalance.
Electrolytes, blood sugar, core temperature and coagulation were within normal limits and arterial blood gas showed a pH of 7.4, P[O.sub.2] 97 mmHg, PC[O.sub.2] 42 mmHg and base excess 1.7 mmol/1 on a Fi[O.sub.2] of 0.3.
His laboratory results showed him to have a higher-than-normal glucose level (968 mg/dl, or 53.8 mmol/L), severe acetonemia, and metabolic acidosis (pH 6.95, HCO3- 4.2 mmol/L, PCO2 20 mmHg, base excess -26.6).
Data collected for 2 years before the training, during the training, and for 2 years afterward showed an eightfold drop in the proportion of babies with arterial blood pH below 7.15 and a sevenfold drop in babies with a base excess less than 12 mEq/L, he said.
Her hypoxaemia had deteriorated to 10.7kPa on 2L oxygen, with a pH of 7.35, a corrected bicarbonate of 21.7mmol/L and a base excess of -3.2mmol/L.
Relationship between whole blood base excess and [CO.sub.2] content in vivo.
The change in buffer base from normal was known as "deltaBB", an early approximation of base excess. In the 1960's, the Siggaard-Andersen nomogram used this value to further explain the extent of the non-respiratory cause of a patient's abnormal pH.
We monitored the pH, the base excess, the lactate level and the [O.sub.2] saturation in the SVC blood, and gave the large amount of blood products and crystalloids in order to correct the Sv[O.sub.2].
1 is a scatter plot of cord arterial blood 8-isoprostane plotted against cord arterial base excess according to actual neonatal outcome group for all cases.