base of operations

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With a base of operations in Europe, Tangoe can further its commitment to providing global organizations with significant cost savings on their voice, data, and wireless expenses.
7 million customers in all 50 states from its base of operations in Des Moines, Iowa.
Tony Milici, CEO of GeneThera, said: "This new company will give us the base of operations needed in Mexico to begin the commercialization process of our live animal test.
The casino was a major base of operations for the first responders before and after the storm devastated the city.
Constructed at a cost of more than $3 Billion, the new Baiyun International Airport is China Southern Airlines home base of operations.
From their base of operations in Arnhem (an historic location made famous in the movie "Bridge Too Far") they are centrally located and within easy reach of the major economic centres of Europe.