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BASE. Something low; inferior. This word is frequently used in composition; as base court, base estate, base fee, &c.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The modeling was performed according to Figure 2 schema and results are presented in Table 1 where nearest positions between the S atom of Ajoene and O and N atoms of G-C, A-T, and the base pairs bridge are shown.
This result showed that Oz:G is more stable than each other Oz base pair; this finding was consistent with the findings for Pol [beta] or KF [exo.sup.-].
Usually, hydrophilic bases are hydrated with surrounding waters, and a pairing partner with less shape complementarity cannot exclude the waters and form the base pair. (76) In addition, the small ring of z is accommodated well in the s-z pair.
DNA is made up from atoms that join together to make bases, phosphates and sugars, which then combine to make base pairs.
When it bumps into some DNA, the enzyme starts trying to bind to it by forming base pairs -- starting at one end and working its way along, testing to see how well each letter on one side (the DNA) matches the adjacent letter on the other side (the RNA).
Base Pair combines a highly customised aptamer discovery approach with a patented multiplexing technology, bringing together DNA barcoding and next generation sequencing to enable simultaneous identification of aptamers that bind up to 30 different targets.
The researchers found that the nucleic acid base pairs making up the steps of DNA's spiral staircase are continuously shape-shifting.
What this exact temperature is depends on the length of the DNA molecules (longer chains of nucleotides have more bases and thus more potential H-bonds) and also the sequence; as mentioned above an A:T base pair has two H-bonds while a G:C base pair has three, so sequences with more "G:C content" stick together more strongly than sequences with more A:T base pairs.
The latter binding requires the drug molecules to stack on top of one another as a "stacked dimer" to fit into the wider spaces defined by these base pairs. When drug molecules bind to any of these DNA sequences, they may be able to control the expression of certain genes and regulate biochemical processes critical to cell function.
The block, known as a base pair, was used in the 33ft-high model which represents a chromosome, one of the human genome.
The sequence alignment reinforced the high conservation of the trnL intron, and it showed a few random base pair substitutions.
Researchers at the Scripps Institute have engineered cells to successfully transcribe a brand new artificial DNA base pair and make a never-before-seen protein with it.