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BASE. Something low; inferior. This word is frequently used in composition; as base court, base estate, base fee, &c.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Out-of-state sellers then would have had the option of sourcing sales to customers within the state under Section 310 of the SSUTA (i.e., based on destination) or following the state-specific sourcing rule and collecting the single statewide rate.
"How things behave inside the body is very hard to predict based on experiments done outside the body."
Financing was based on a 25 year term with a 25 year amortization;
Instead CPAs should make appropriate adjustments based on a company's future.
Evaluating the learner's success based on performance objectives
* Paper-Based Reference and Training Manuals (94% of those surveyed using)Classroom Training (91%)Mentors (63%)Electronic Based Reference and Training Manuals (50%)Self-Paced Computer Based Training (32%)
In the supplemental evaluation, they were asked to comment on how the use of the university clinically based site and the PPDS helped or hindered their experiences in practicum.
The level of security required will have to be determined based on DoD regulations and the requirements of the users.
Based On: Achievement, talent, significance of the award to applicant's current artistic development
Evidence Based Medicine is an approach to healthcare where medical professionals utilize the best external research (evidence) to supplement their clinical training and expertise.
Based on the discussion at the March 18 workshop, the use of IAS at the subsidiary level will likely be widespread--at least for consolidation reporting purposes.
A superior incision was then made between the two, creating an inferiorly based pedicled flap.