based on

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Steady Financial Services Leverage: Under Fitch's criteria for rating non-financial corporates, a baseline debt/equity ratio for a captive finance company's operations is determined based on our assessment of the company's asset quality, liquidity and funding profile.
Numbers are only based on the monthly billing, there are also add on's.
According to estimates by Reuters, based on current market prices, E.
1bn) and EUR2bn, based on the amount of assets the German company sells.
Refundable deposits will be accepted, based on Sunday's game results.
She disputed watchdog Ofgem's recent claim the big six were making pounds 125 profit per customer, saying that was based on just one quarter's profits.
The parties are to cooperate in developing and selling a new service based on Sign On's human resources services.
This is based on the global recession, which has pushed back the need for a new plant in the UK to around 2016 because of the reduction in demand for electricity.