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No, quite the contrary; I see that society takes up a sort of antagonistic attitude to these people, which is utterly baseless, and I fancy there's envy at the bottom of it.
They were but a sign of broken joys and baseless projects; in their very beauty they were (as the unlikeliest of men had said) almost a cruel satire on the loves, hopes, plans, of humanity, which are able to forecast nothing, and are so much brittle dust.
It was as if Schomberg's baseless gossip had the power to bring about the thing itself or the abstract enmity of Falk could put my ship ashore.
It was even harder than he could have believed possible, to separate in his own conscience his abandonment by all his fellows from a baseless sense of shame and disgrace.
It always appears to me (if this should prove to be a baseless assumption, I shall be pardoned), that Mr Dorrit has been accustomed to exercise influence over the minds of others.
Islamabad -- The Supreme Court through a press release has clarified that news stories carried by electronic and print media regarding the Supreme Judicial Council is false and baseless.
LAHORE -- Federal Minister for Pakistan Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique Sunday said the PTI should focus on its performance instead of repeating baseless allegations.
It has been proved repeatedly that claims made by Zionist sources are baseless," Afkham said in her weekly press conference in Tehran on Wednesday.
The allegations leveled against CEO Pesco are baseless.
The chief military spokesperson said that Pakistan Army would take legal action in accordance with the law and Constitution for the baseless allegations leveled by Geo TV against the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).
He has the habit of making such baseless claims, but the people will not be swayed with his baseless claims," Badal said.
According to Harf, Absolutely not, find this attack baseless.