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He also advised the media to "cautiously refrain from giving any importance to such ridiculous, baseless and fabricated claims", saying they should not participate in any way whatsoever in defaming or assassinating the character of any man in such cases.
He underlined that the charges against Iran over Yemen are fully baseless.
Addressing the participants, AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that Indian Prime Minister has miserably failed to divert the attention of world community by labeling unfounded and baseless allegations against Pakistan.
It is surprising to see a baseless allegation of this nature being released by the US embassy without any credible verification.
I strongly reject such allegations as baseless," he said.
Therepeated defeats suffered by the US leaders in their foreign policy have driven them to formulating ridiculous and baseless scenarios with the hope of distracting the international public opinion from thedefeated capitalist system,"said the Guards Deputy Commander.
The entry of enemy aircraft is completely baseless.
The company came up with the statement, June 13 -- "Despite our categorical denial of this baseless rumour, the tabloid continued to publish this with an ambiguous quote from a person at YRF.
And thus it was proved that all of the documents have been fabricated and are baseless and thus do not have any validity.
Summary: Rabat - Director of the Arabic-speaking daily Al Jarida Al Oula, Ali Anouzla, was given Monday a one-year suspended sentence by a Rabat court for having published, last August, a baseless story on the health of HM King Mohammed VI.
The Traffic Engineering and RoadsAE Safety Section at the Traffic and Patrols Department of Abu Dhabi Police, on Tuesday scotched the rumours describing them as baseless.
Summary: The Lebanese artist Haifa Wahbe said that circulating rumors stating that she has divorced her new husband Egyptian businessman Ahmad Abu Hashima are baseless and "don't deserve comment"