baseless charge

See: frame up
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Four days later, McClatchy sent Marial a strongly worded letter accusing him of making a baseless charge and demanding a retraction.
"But the WGAE leadership's anti-labor stance against its own workers and its filing of a baseless charge against us two weeks ago, while we were still trying to resolve the issues, forced us to reluctantly take this public step to defend our members and their contract."
For despite making an apology at a press conference Tuesday for making the false accusation, Nagata has not fulfilled his duty as a legislator to explain why he made such a baseless charge.
From her new position, she makes the baseless charge that "the dominant written Arabic was found to be inadequate to present sexual, religious, and social experiences." One need only point to Qur'an, the fount of Arab and Muslim religious experience, or to the works of the socially minded Naguib Mahfouz, whose creative use of Arabic led to the development of a distinctly Arabic narrative art and earned the Egyptian novelist in 1988 a Nobel Prize in Literature, making him the first and so far the only Arab writer to have achieved such distinction.
"It's such a baseless charge he says, "It is simply a smear to keep people from listening to our message." Andy joined the Society in 1985 in Columbia, South Carolina, where he became a volunteer chapter leader.
Another one of our lawyers, Kathy Panguban, is facing a patently malicious and baseless charge for the nonbailable offense of kidnapping.
Dimple's petition has termed the suggestion of the magistrate as " unreasonable" and sought from the court to quash the " baseless charge" of domestic violence against the family, including her, daughters Twinkle, Rinkie and son- in- law Akshay.
This is completely baseless charge and BJP just wants to discredit Prime Minister by getting up the US bogey," Dikshit told reporters here.
"Romney's foreign policy vision is still largely a work in progress beneath the bumper sticker slogans about not apologising for America on the world stage - a baseless charge that nonetheless resonates with the conservative base," the paper quoted him, as saying.
Arguing that NAB has charged baseless charges against him, the former minister requested the IHC to grant him pre-arrest bail.
I am determined to immediately set aside the false and baseless charges against me as it is my right and the right of the clearly innocent to be free from the trouble, expense, and anxiety of a protracted trial," he said in a statement Tuesday.
'I am determined to immediately set aside the false and baseless charges against me as it is my right and the right of the 'clearly innocent' to be free from the trouble, expense and anxiety of a protracted trial,' Sytin said in a statement.