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The charges were baselessly and groundlessly brought against my client.
While the critics praised Gioia's brisk writing, engaging anecdotes, and willingness to speak plainly about beloved jazz standards, they spent a great deal of ink carping about songs they felt were wrongly left out or baselessly included.
From what I understand from doctors, [pregnancy from rape is] really rare," Akin baselessly stated in the interview.
This latter consequence of inadequately grounded police activity is unfortunately one which the judicial perspective tends to minimize, since Fourth Amendment jurisprudence has evolved almost exclusively in the context of cases in which police action, however baselessly initiated, has uncovered evidence of crime.
Putin on Thursday accused Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton of instigating protests over the results of 's parliamentary elections by baselessly criticizing the vote as "dishonest and unfair" and he warned that Russia needed to protect against "interference" by foreign governments in its internal affairs.
The statement, emailed to media by Taliban spokesman Tariq Ghazniwal, also accused the United States of "repeatedly giving false hopes to its nation about ending this war and claiming baselessly about victory".
For its part, the majority stated facts in the record supporting this determination and noted that when administrative bodies "'have made their finding, not corruptly or irrationally or baselessly, there is nothing for the courts to do about it, unless every act and decision of other departments of government is subject to revision by the courts.
Slipyj was charged with "Hitlerism" or collaboration with Germans, a charge Slipyj vehemently denied, saying: "This was leveled as an accusation against the Ukrainians by the Soviet regime, and on the basis of this slander, even I was baselessly charged with 'Hitlerism'".
Rajesh's brother Dinesh, present at the site, said:"In spite of extending all assistance in the CBI's investigation, her parents have been baselessly accused by the agency.
com/the-cradebate-a-users-guide-2009-6; Media Conservatives Baselessly Blame Community Reinvestment Act for Foreclosure Spike, MEDIA MATTERS (Sept.
Not in some baselessly hopeful way, but in hard, grueling, playful ways.
He also clarified; he had never criticized baselessly at the Punjab Government and never leveled baseless allegations at the provincial government of Punjab-Punjab Government is cooperating with the flood victims across the province and in his personal visits of flood-hit areas, he had not seen even a single fake relief camp in the province.