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One attendee, who has recently visited London, dismisses these concerns; enlightened people everywhere must recognize the baselessness of Don Preciso's claims.
I have advised our client to draw your attention to the baselessness of these allegations so that they may be erased from circulation and prevent the risk of finding their way into the newspapers.
The play is laughable because even as it draws us into complicity and asks us to admire such resources of cunning, it exposes the absurdity, the baselessness of investment in a plot which multiplies occasions for loss.
expresses the post-war |sense of desolation, of uncertainty, of futility, of the baselessness of aspirations, of the vanity of endeavour, and a thirst for life-giving water which seems suddenly to have failed'" (58).
The apparent baselessness of their hope is, however, the very basis of their faith and, of course, of their absurdity.
These brazen acts only expose not only the supermajority's intent to railroad the process, but also to cover up what appears to be the baselessness of the impeachment complaint itself.
Nearly 124 countries have signed the additional protocol to the NPT and it would be better for Iran to sign it to prove the futility and baselessness of the propaganda campaign against Iranian nuclear program, he argued.
Dajmar made the announcement, and said, "This big success shows the IRISL's righteousness and also and the baselessness of the accusations leveled against it.
Further proof of the baselessness of the Court's interpretation is found in the fact that the phrase "or employees or agents thereof" was added to each and all of the operative employment discrimination proscriptions, N.