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75) Another anonymous pamphlet from 1664 detected the beast's anger against the reformed churches and warned of God's punishment for any person who, "to avoid the fury of Antichrist, shall basely betray the Truth .
be delivered from vile paper, so basely besmeared by hired hands
The author follows the anti-female pronouncements of Jerome and Tertullian, who in some of their writings represent women as basely corporeal and false on account of their use of cosmetics and ornament, as discussed in Bloch, 37-63.
These texts contain several different layers of discourse, ranging from the highly theological to the basely pragmatic, from how to live a good spiritual life to how to mend the roof on a hut (Chadwick 1958: 34; Gould 1993: 5-25).
It is notable that the troubadour does not actually say that Alfonso II was to marry Eudoxia, just that he basely betrayed her.
Botch-launched on to a tide of public doubt, it has suffered death by a thousand cuts from a basely hostile press.
First recognized by Doglioni et al,[1] PAT limited to the lamina propria of the gastric mucosa is characterized by nests of variably sized lobules composed of cells with apical, coarse granules and basely placed nucleus.
The differential emphasis that is placed on selected components of the 36 topics covered in "Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education" may account for increased knowledge about some aspects of sexuality, but intransigent sexual attitudes and behaviors (Brock & Basely, 1995).
But for those of us who believe it has civic, educational and democratic promise, why would we think this technology will look any different if it's as basely commercial as the rest of the culture?
104), a matter which demands education at an early age, well before individuals begin to indulge in capricious or basely driven acts.
They regard them as symptomatic of an increasingly passive literary culture: testaments to the basely popular, the sound-bite mentality and shrinking concentration spans.
Writing in "The Theater and Its Double," Artaud said: "To make metaphysics out of a spoken language is to make language express what it usually does not express: this is to make use of it in a new, exceptional, and unaccustomed fashion; to reveal its possibilities of physical shock; to actively divide and distribute it in space; to handle intonations in an absolutely concrete manner, restoring their power to tear asunder and to really manifest something; to turn against language and its basely utilitarian, one could even say alimentary, sources, against its hunted beast origins; this is finally to consider language in its form as Incantation" ("The Theater and Its Double," pt.