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BASE. Something low; inferior. This word is frequently used in composition; as base court, base estate, base fee, &c.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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But when he comes to a character which is unworthy of him, he will not make a study of that; he will disdain such a person, and will assume his likeness, if at all, for a moment only when he is performing some good action; at other times he will be ashamed to play a part which he has never practised, nor will he like to fashion and frame himself after the baser models; he feels the employment of such an art, unless in jest, to be beneath him, and his mind revolts at it.
Had that piquant gipsy face been at the bottom of the crime, or was it the baser mainspring of money?
But there was also about him an indescribable air which no mechanic could have acquired in the practice of his handicraft however dishonestly exercised: the air common to men who live on the vices, the follies, or the baser fears of mankind; the air of moral nihilism common to keepers of gambling hells and disorderly houses; to private detectives and inquiry agents; to drink sellers and, I should say, to the sellers of invigorating electric belts and to the inventors of patent medicines.
In the baser sort, its effect was to increase the liability to sluggishness and dependence, and induce the victim of a shadowy hope to remit all self-effort, while awaiting the realization of his dreams.
Or could we break our way By force, and at our heels all Hell should rise With blackest Insurrection, to confound Heav'ns purest Light, yet our great Enemie All incorruptible would on his Throne Sit unpolluted, and th' Ethereal mould Incapable of stain would soon expel Her mischief, and purge off the baser fire Victorious.
Baser Salim Adam suffered multiple gunshot wounds from a .45 caliber pistol.
He made up for his missed chance on Wednesday with his strong outing while sharing the backcourt with resident playmaker Baser Amer, who also impressed with 21 points against the Dyip.
Reports said the trade proposal includes Baser Amer moving over to TNT KaTropa, and Jericho Cruz and Brian Heruela being sent to Blackwater.
Allen Durham, Chris Newsome and Baser Amer all had major contributions that keyed their seventh consecutive victory.
"But Chand's tweets were a much baser expression of animosity towards a section of society and were totally unacceptable.
Former President ICCI Baser Daud, Khalid Chaudhry, Zia Abbasi and others were present in the meeting.
Baser Daud, Khalid Chaudhry, Nasir Mehmood Chaudhry, Tahir Mahmood and others were in the delegation.