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But when he comes to a character which is unworthy of him, he will not make a study of that; he will disdain such a person, and will assume his likeness, if at all, for a moment only when he is performing some good action; at other times he will be ashamed to play a part which he has never practised, nor will he like to fashion and frame himself after the baser models; he feels the employment of such an art, unless in jest, to be beneath him, and his mind revolts at it.
In the baser sort, its effect was to increase the liability to sluggishness and dependence, and induce the victim of a shadowy hope to remit all self-effort, while awaiting the realization of his dreams.
Or could we break our way By force, and at our heels all Hell should rise With blackest Insurrection, to confound Heav'ns purest Light, yet our great Enemie All incorruptible would on his Throne Sit unpolluted, and th' Ethereal mould Incapable of stain would soon expel Her mischief, and purge off the baser fire Victorious.
Wasil and Baser Daud were the finalists of the Championship.
Former vice president M Ashfaq Chatha got the first position, while M Faheem Khan, M Wasil and Baser Daud were the finalists of the championship.
Aside from the physical damage municipality workers were still picking up the shards of shattered glass nearly five days later Baser said they lost their friends in the bombing.
Canaleta made four 3-pointers while Baser Amer and Jared Dillinger had three triples each as Meralco shot 44% from downtown and 51% from the field overall.
Senior Vice President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mohammad Naveed along with former President ICCI Baser Daud, called on Managing Director PBM Barrister Abid Waheed Sheikh and lauded his valuable services for the nation.
The Road Warriors then move to lock horns with Chris Tiu and Rain or Shine next week, Scottie Thompson and Barangay Ginebra first week of February and then Baser Amer and Meralco shortly after.
Billy Beltran, Police Regional Office-9 (RPO-9) director, identified the suspect as Baser Ahmad, 45, with aliases of Abu Pandak Duma and Bensar, and a resident of Cabatangan, this city.
Jaf De Baser added: "There's an age limit in Sweden.
Chaturvedi replaces Alok Baser, who has moved into a coverage role within corporate banking.