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In fact they were so committed that Peter bashfully admits: "When my wife was having our daughter she was booked in for a C-section and I stopped off on the way to hospital to check over some sheep.
In the film, Turing's sexuality is essentially a secret, bashfully hinted at through a glimpse of the man he paid for sex, a chaste childhood crush, a broken engagement, and (perhaps) some one-way tension with fellow code breaker Hugh Alexander.
In the New Testament Jesus is baptised by John the Baptist who bashfully complains that he is unworthy to untie the Master's shoelaces.
She simply relayed it, sincerely, without agenda, somewhat bashfully.
You would tell him he's cute and he'd bashfully dismiss it, saying 'not me' or something like that.
At first, he said bashfully, he worried that he might end up in an argument with an aggressive ex-felon.
The opportunities I've been given, and continue to be given--I've always felt very blessed," he says deliberately, almost bashfully.
Instead, they point at me with pity when I drive up and bashfully shuffle from the cab.
During the early days of the coup, the EU not only beat around the bush about not calling the coup d'etat a coup, but also bashfully implied that the coup was legitimate.