basic doctrine

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The reason for this quartile unity is the basic doctrine, which is the Judaic Christian Alliance for control of the world for the next one thousand years.
Kerry then goes on the provide strategies for releasing the power of God in your life and ministry with illustrations from everyday life and experiences which teach Biblical truth, basic doctrine, and personal "take away" applications in areas of:
Three virtual programs were also offered: Joint Basic Doctrine, Basic Fundamentals of Joint Intelligence and Basic Fundamentals of Information Operations.
This unique playbook further enhances the resources available to our Supply Corps community, providing useful tools for mentoring within the Supply Corps, as well as fundamentals for mentors and proteges developed through best practices and basic doctrine. Read this thought-provoking new guide with an open mind and implement the tools, where applicable, into your daily mentoring relationships.
(6) Lastly, although the term mission command does not exist in Air Force doctrine, the basic principles are inherently illustrated in the service's Basic Doctrine: "Execution should be decentralized within a C2 architecture that exploits the ability of frontline decision makers (such as strike package leaders, air battle managers, forward air controllers) to make on-scene decisions during complex, rapidly unfolding operations." (7) Even though these principles of mission command have dwelled within the individual services for years, the Department of Defense needed a trigger to align the department as a whole and to enable a critical, synchronized, and integrated approach to leading the joint force.
Doval then went on to explain to the delegation that the basic doctrine of any security mechanism by a country was to ensure that there is a deterrence against those who are trying to harm or bleed the country.
This basic doctrine never meant that all legal issues may be left to a vote.
"The basic doctrine was peaceful usage of nuclear technology," Rafsanjani said.
In keeping with his basic doctrine of the church, Christ--existing--as community, the birth of a community of relationships, relationships of Stellvertretung--vicarious representative action--maintained to the very end." This remains to be a real challenge to Faith and Order, the WCC, and other institutional expressions of ecumenism.
The MGK is a council made up of both military and civilian leaders, and the Red Book provides the basic doctrine and guidelines for military security planning.
The 63 years has been past and the leaders still fail to get the basic doctrine that the welfare of each citizen is bound up in the welfare of all.
"The basic doctrine is that once Congress has approved the budget, and the president has signed it into law, any act that would upset this intended balance of power is deemed repugnant and unconstitutional.