basic doctrine

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The basic doctrine was peaceful usage of nuclear technology," Rafsanjani said.
In keeping with his basic doctrine of the church, Christ--existing--as community, the birth of a community of relationships, relationships of Stellvertretung--vicarious representative action--maintained to the very end.
The MGK is a council made up of both military and civilian leaders, and the Red Book provides the basic doctrine and guidelines for military security planning.
LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education, Volume I, Basic Doctrine, 14 October 2011, 59, https://doctrine.
The basic doctrine is that once Congress has approved the budget, and the president has signed it into law, any act that would upset this intended balance of power is deemed repugnant and unconstitutional.
Some expressed concern there might be misunderstanding that the pope wanted to change basic doctrine.
Baby Krishna, Infant Christ is an expression of the new comparative theology that surveys basic doctrine in Hindu and Christian traditions and representations of Krsna and Jesus as children.
What is the basic doctrine of this "religion" you ask?
Subsequent chapters address the history of Catholic thinking on the destiny of non-Christians, the contributions of John Paul II, the work of "pluralist theologians," and a 150-page compendium of basic doctrine.
To verify this assertion, one needs only to read the basic doctrine publications of the era just delineated.
All of the 13 major religions in our world have as their basic doctrine a tool to foster love of neighbor.