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Our basic drive toward self-enhancement leads to the most robust expression of human community.
The machine for radial forging can be designed with two basic drive principles--hydraulic or mechanical.
If you believe we are beyond this basic drive, just look at the number of individuals willing to wait in line for hours to be one of the first to acquire the latest, newest, and available only in limited quantities, technology device.
With a basic drive system such as the type used in a fan blower, requiring nine external components and one microcontroller, the CiPoS modules are ready-to-use for all motor drive systems with a power rating of up to 3 kW.
He's made Chelsea an amazing side, introducing order, discipline and tactics without sacrificing the basic drive of English football.
It further implies that non-sexual violence, too, is for Kleist a basic drive that cannot be conveniently assimilated to revenge or resistance.
The basic drive holds 200 CDs; an additional $10,000 adds another 1,600.