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The basic ingredient used to make gajar halwa is carrots.
Isiaka told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday at Ilorin that 'understanding is a basic ingredient for a successful marriage, but unfortunately, this is lacking among couples.''
He added that the potential project would cater to local market demands for gelatin, being a basic ingredient in various industries, in addition to exporting to foreign ones.
The panel, in its recommendation, warned the people not to use chhalia that is the main reason for mouth, throat and stomach cancers.Chhalia is a basic ingredient of a variety of widely used chewing products.
"EWG Verified goes beyond basic ingredient labels to hold companies on the cutting edge of making the healthiest products to an even higher standard."
It contains the same basic ingredient (hydrocodone) as Vicodin, but it has 5 to 10 times the power, Forbes noted, and without the added acetaminophen.
He further said that discipline was the basic ingredient for the success of a student.
Avocado is the basic ingredient used to make guacamole and has had a reputation as an aphrodisiac since 200BC, says Eira.
In addition, tests have shown that the basic ingredient in Zsweet has the highest level of digestibility and tolerability of the sugar alcohols.
How can you not like a technology that gets the basic ingredient of chocolate to market faster?
Enhanced with basic ingredient information, practical cooking tips for everything from using a food processor to whisking cream, to thickening sauces, The Usborne Children's Cookbook will quickly prove to be as family favorite for children aspiring to enjoy themselves in the kitchen by helping to make a family meal.
An insect known as the cocoa pod borer also takes its toll on the big seed pods full of the beans that yield the cocoa powder that is the basic ingredient of luscious chocolate confections adored by consumers everywhere.

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