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Think of smoothie flavor combinations you order and like (at shops like Jamba Juice) - and if there's one you think tastes great, try to copy it or at least include those basic ingredient flavors in your homemade versions.
In addition, tests have displayed that the basic ingredient in Zsweet(TM) has the highest level of digestibility and tolerability of the sugar alcohols.
Aspirin's basic ingredient, a painkilling compound found in willow plants, has been known since the 5th century BC.
6 million tons of AA, the basic ingredient for most nitrogen fertilizers and many industrial products; and
Tiny frozen pearls of cream, the latest product from Dairy Crest Ingredients of Diary Crest House, Portsmouth Road, Surbiton, Surrey, tel:0181 910 4123, is poised to transform the way in which the food industry can work with a basic ingredient.
The Food Standards Agency has advised consumers to avoid certain makes of soy - a basic ingredient in many oriental dishes.
Flat glass is used primarily for window glass in building construction and is a basic ingredient for such products as automobile windows and mirrors.
Terra Industries is a leading manufacturer of anhydrous ammonia, the basic ingredient for most nitrogen fertilizers in industrial products, and methanol, an ingredient in oxygenated fuels and chemical processes.
The basic ingredient has been clinically tested and found to be very safe and effective in controlling diarrhea without causing constipation.
Molybdenite, which is a mineral mined either as a primary product or as a byproduct at copper mines, is typically concentrated at mine-sited mills and then roasted to produce molybdic oxide, which may be used directly as a basic ingredient in stainless steel and other specialty steel applications or further processed to produce other products.
If the companies reach a decision to proceed, the proposed project would increase the refinery's capacity to process heavy sour crude oil by 100,000 barrels per day, of which 14,000 barrels would be produced as high quality base oils, the basic ingredient needed to manufacture lubricants.
Babb is a manufacturer of AAC products using recycled material as a basic ingredient.

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