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According to section 40(1)(b)(i) of the Legislative Council Ordinance, a person is not validly nominated as a candidate for an election for a constituency unless the nomination form includes or is accompanied by a declaration to the effect that the person will uphold the Basic Law and pledge allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).
THE Department of Finance said the Bangsamoro basic law (BBL) should be open to changes to allow Bangsamoro autonomy to evolve along with the crafting of a basic law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region.
While the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) is currently being deliberated in Congress, Senator Sonny Angara called for the full implementation of the law requiring the teaching of Filipino-Muslim and indigenous peoples' (IPs) history in both basic and higher education in the country.
Stakeholders and various sectoral leaders aired their strong support for the immediate passage and ratification of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) during the Cotabato leg of the joint public consultation of the House of Representatives on the proposed bill held at Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex in Cotabato City and at the Esperanza A.
According to the Association, the Basic Law of Human Dignity and Liberty should be interpreted to allow same-sex marriage.
On April A 16 1879 the Constituent Assembly in the city Veliko Tarnovo, Central Northern Bulgaria, adopted the first basic law of the Principality of Bulgaria formed after the countryas liberation from Turkish rule in 1878, quoted by BNR.
In an interview with Okadh Newspaper of Saudi Arabia, which was published Thursday morning, he said that the succession of authority in the Sultanate is clear and there is nothing to worry about in this regard, as this is clearly stated in the Basic Law of the State, documented and well-known by Omanis.
111) The Knesset has entrenched Basic Law: Freedom of Occupation by stating that it cannot be changed except by a Basic Law passed by an absolute majority of all Knesset members.
Hostility toward Arabs is so institutionalized in Israeli society, it's hard seeing how inclusion of an equality clause in its Basic Law would change longstanding policies.
Muscat: Within the framework of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said's Royal Care and keenness to activate the provision of the Basic Law of the State with relation to the Council of Oman and to ensure public interest, during the past period, His Majesty the Sultan has ordered to return three draft laws to the Council of Oman -- as per the provision of Article (58) bis (35) of the Basic Law of the State.
The struggle for peace is more difficult than going to war, a former Muslim rebel told this writer as he stressed the need for the Philippine government to stay true to its word in passing the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law.
The basic law of the country was passed unanimously Dec.

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