basic rule

See: principle
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If someone hits you from behind, it is virtually never your fault as a basic rule of the road requires the other driver to stop safely.
It is surely a basic rule for all jockeys that unless they see official visual indications - stewards waving flags or bypass arrows on the fence - they go ahead and jump the fence ahead of them and ignore any shouts or physical gesturing from any other source, including other jockeys in the race.
It's the most basic rule but most of us think we know better.
That is such a basic rule of business practice it's astonishing that the insurance industry has never heard of it.
I too ignored what I was once informed is life's most basic rule - never have more children than you have hands.
The basic rule in diplomacy is "not interfering in internal affairs" of countries.
The selected decisions issued are presented in excerpted fashion--mainly in French, but some are in English, with French translation--to demonstrate legal findings that show, among other points, the basic rules of the Court; how a specific basic rule is concretely implemented by the court; clarify a point of law of general importance with respect to international criminal law, international humanitarian law, or international law of human rights; or are otherwise meaningful with respect to international criminal justice.
A basic rule to remember for all food that may have come in contact with contaminated water, or out of temperature in the event of a power outage that would cause food in the refrigerator or freezer to thaw is: If you have any doubt, throw it out.
The book is particularly suited to the Hollywood style of scripts and serves to help understand the basic rules, but in most places in the world where films have become popular, the basic rule for script writing is what will click with this audience at this time.
The basic rule of thumb is as follows: if you have a steam-driven chiller plant, then you should be collecting 65% of your total electricity bill from your tenants; if you have an electric-driven chiller plant, then you should be collecting approximately 50% of your total electricity bill from your tenants.
Should a coach choose to match up, he can do so but isn't required to do so as a basic rule.

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