basic substance

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component year of construction use analysis building a 1983 solid construction management, 2 classrooms and 1 class ground substance worth preserving building b 1971 lightweight construction 4 classrooms refurbishment uneconomic / dismantling building c 1991 solid construction 4 classrooms, heating central and house connections basic substance worth preserving building d 2004 solid construction 3 classrooms no refurbishment required building e pure interim double container 2 specialist rooms dismantling wc building 1971 solid construction central toilet facility dismantling the school needs 10 classrooms, 3 specialist rooms and other teaching areas where subject and internal differentiation can take place in class.
Written disclosure is the basic substance of every residential real estate transaction.
According to Hawking, the only way humans can avoid the possibility of extinction was to find another planet to inhabit. ( At the talk , Hawking gave a one-hour speech on man's understanding of the origin of the universe from primordial creation myths to the most cutting-edge predictions made by "M-theory," which presents an idea about the basic substance of the universe.
The chief justice said a strengthened and independent judaical system plays assertive and decisive role for the promotion of rule of law which is a basic substance of democracy and necessitates the supremacy of the Constitution, equality before law and equal protection of law.
Bone is a calcified connective tissue, composed of cells within a solid basic substance. Approximately 30% of this basic substance consists of organic compounds, mostly in the form of collagen fibers, and the remaining 70% is inorganic.
The M-Theory is concerned with how matter is constructed and the basic substance of the universe.
These substances provide the basic substance and flexibility to bones, joints, and blood vessels.
Hoshino treats glaze in the same way as he treats clay, as a basic substance, a material that is allowed to go its own way, to reveal its inherent qualities.
The hormone itself is such a basic substance for animal life that even flies produce it.
The 'glass' in fiberglass is the same basic substance used in windows and glassware.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: The court concluded that although there was some minor conflict over some of the details regarding the allegations involved in the two separate incidents in question, the basic substance of the alleged misconduct of Nurse Brown had been established.
The basic substance of horns, a fibrous protein called keratin, turns green if not allowed to season.