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The bulk of capital expenditure was in Energy, 284 million, in line with the new cycle of investment by ACCIONA linked basically to international opportunities in renewable energy.
However, the perks and privileges enjoyed by Pakistan's military keep those secular generals in line with the policies of the jihadists, so basically they are complicit," he added.
So, basically, if one country does something a little differently, it is not going to make a difference, as long as they accept the principle.
LAHSA basically has grown because the dollars have grown,'' she said.
Basically Tool Hire supply anything from cordless drills to JCB diggers, as well as hydraulic rotovators from the USA unique to this company in Scotland.
Kerry stepped in to help Bush, basically supporting the President's position but offering policy-wonk modifications," George Lakoffof the Rockridge Institute says.
With him at the helm of the technology drive, Posner started creating web sites and lead capturing systems, which are basically contact forms and data bases that track online traffic.
To get your e-mail list started, all that is basically needed is a place for an e-mail address on a new-patient form, along with a box to check if the patient is interested in receiving electronic communications.
Basically, you can lift a relatively light weight with high speed and make some notable gains.