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We're talking about millions of people, fighting their way to the box office to see what is basically a work of folklore.
Its advocates are basically opposed to the idea that wages are a market price--determined by supply and demand, the same as the price of apples or coal.
For example, in airplanes, basically, there are no new air-frames being built.
The professor said that blast or terrorist incidents in Pakistan, including the assassination attempt against Zardari, is basically the "policy of the military, which is sometimes hidden and sometimes open.
The 30-per-cent discount basically covers the cost of transportation, which is always a concern in the Far North, he says.
You basically get opera-to-opera contracts, which works out because I can live in L.
Some websites allow you to post a link to your website or firms can actually buy links on highly ranked websites and, the third option is, a link exchange, basically, you let me on yours and I'll let you on mine.
The SS's alignment is basically 2X7 vs a TE and 4X7 vs a SE with feet parallel and a 45-degree shoulder tilt toward the QB.
Some of the positives are strong productivity growth, basically good financial conditions, a resilient and flexible structure, and technological leadership.
Before leaving the list of efficacious government enterprises, one should not miss the most obvious and proud State ability, namely, the exercise of killing large numbers of people in short periods of time within basically stationary geographical boundaries.
We were shooting some of the film in the Dunlop Observatory, north of Toronto, and there were some pictures on the walls, various things, and a graph that was basically a sine wave.