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In the present experimental conditions, a higher optical basicity will promote the total electrical conductivity, ionic conductivity and electronic conductivity.
Alternatively, other techniques include; use of different preparation methods to enhance the metal support interaction, use of bimetallic catalyst systems and addition/incorporation of metal and/or redox oxides as promoters to effect the acidity and/or basicity [13, 14].
The highest basicity observed for samples of palygorskite is related to its mainly MgOH groups that allows using palygorskite as a basic catalyst (Hattori, H.
From CSTNA_1 were produced CSTNA_2 and CSTNA_3, maintaining basicity and Ti[O.
The proton affinity of an anion or of a neutral atom or molecule is a measure of its gas-phase basicity.
The basicity of an endodontic material can be expressed in terms of two different aspects: (1) the highest pH value obtainable and (2) acid neutralizing capacity.
Surface acidity and basicity were calculated on the basis of the assumption that 0.
In all studies concerned with the evaluation of the basicity of slag melts, the authors describe the relationship of the components of the melt based on the stoichiometric equations of these components as a results of analysis of the chemical composition of the slags, solidified after melting welding, i.
Lewis basicity and affinity scales; data and measurement.