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In addition to the sub-arachnoid blood and skull base fracture, there was also a hypoattenuating area adjacent to the basilar artery in the prepontine cistern compatible with hyperacture hemorrhage into the already present subarachnoid blood.
El objetivo de nuestro caso clinico es el presentar el manejo quirurgico de un aneurisma de la union vertebro/basilar mediante abordaje Far lateral en su variante transcondilar, permitiendonos un adecuado clipaje del aneurisma con preservacion del flujo sanguineo de ambas arterias vertebrales y la arteria basilar, este abordaje nos permite menor retraccion del tallo cerebral, mejor exposicion de los pares craneales y de las estructuras vasculares de la union vertebro/basilar en la base de craneo.
With the development of the posterior communicating artery and fusion of the paired longitudinal neural arteries into the basilar artery, these anastomoses begin to regress and disappear by the 14 mm stage [5].
Trigeminal neuralgia due to compression of the trigeminal root by a basilar artery trunk.
Persistence of canal on basilar part of clivus is a rare congenital defect of skull base representing an embryological remnant depicting the cephalic end of the notochord and corresponds to the course of the notochordal canal in the basiocciput caudally.
The cerebral basilar artery is one of the arteries that supplies the brain with oxygen-rich blood.
And in the Syrian civil war today, the opposition forces call Basilar al-Assad a Jew, and he in turn calls the al-Qaeda troops fighting against him Judaizers and Zionists.
This edition has new cranial CT sequences of the axial and coronal temporal bone; an expanded MR imaging section with new 3-Tesla MR images of the temporal lobe and hippocampus, basilar artery, cranial nerves, cavernous sinus, and other areas; and new arterial MR angiography sequences of the neck and additional larynx images.
It is also associated deformities of other arterial components of posterior circulation including basilar and posterior communicating arteries [11,12].
1) They typically invade humans via intact or disrupted nasal mucosa, cross the cribriform plate, migrate along the basilar brain surfaces from the olfactory bulbs and tracts to the cerebellum, deeply penetrate the cortex to the periventricular system, and incite a purulent meningoencephalitis.
Se debe tener en cuenta que la direccion de la rotacion mandibular debe coincidir con el tipo de remodelacion que se da en el piso de fosas nasales y boveda palatina como en los condilos y reborde basilar mandibular, si no es coincidente el hallazgo debera rectificarse la superposicion.
reported a case of thrombosed, fenestrated basilar artery mimicking an aneurysm of the vertebrobasilar junction.