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Rat basilar arteries were prepared for pharmacological studies on tension changes as previously described (Deng et al.
Their basilar membranes are wider, thinner, and floppier than those of other mammals, which makes them sensitive to low frequencies.
This effect is evoked thanks to special modal properties of basilar membrane where auditory sense cells are located.
At that time, he was diagnosed with basilar meningitis and complications including abscesses.
In this sub-arachnoid space, the 3rd nerves pass either side of the midline basilar artery and between two of its major branches--the superior cerebellar and posterior cerebral arteries then just below and lateral to the posterior communicating artery, a key component of the arterial Circle of Willis.
The intestinal crypt and epithelium mucosae of mammals was divided into the five regions, including the region of the stem cell and Paneth's cell in basilar part, the region of proliferation cell in the middle part of intestinal gland, the region of maturation in upper half of intestinal gland, function region and shedding part of upper half of intestinal villus.
A membrane called the basilar divides the cochlea into upper and lower sections and when struck by vibrations, its interior begins to ripple.
Basilar artery migraine is more common in adolescents than adults and is a pain connected to the main artery of the brain.
The process of signal decomposition itself is realized thanks to special mechanical behaviour of the basilar membrane.
Q MY neurologist says I will have basilar migraine with vertigo for life.
It also indicates that electrical energy converts into sound by a direct effect on the basilar membrane that then vibrates maximally at a point determined by the frequency, and these vibrations stimulate the hair cells (referred to as electrophonic hearing).