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Corresponding branches stemmed not only from the caudal communicating artery (most frequently two or three in number), but also from the rostral part of the basilar artery (usually represented by a double blood vessel).
Dr Al Sibaie, however, found that Garcia's basilar artery was narrowing and, if left untreated, another blood clot would block the artery again.
All patients underwent two repeated scans of the basilar artery vessel wall during two different scan sessions.
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A review of the literature focused on basilar artery pathology is very limited and only includes cases of basilar artery occlusion or aneurysm formation.
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Posterior Cerebral Artery (PCA) is a branch of basilar artery, which are formed by the union of two vertebral arteries.
Persistent trigeminal artery (PTA) is unusual anastomosis between the carotid artery and basilar artery, with an incidence between 0.1% and 0.3% [1].
The impending pathology was compression by an artery in 76.6% either by the Superior Cerebellar Artery(SCA), Anterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery(AICA), posterior Inferior Cerebellar artery(PICA), Basilar artery or an artery in synergy with arachnoid adhesions.