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BASILICA, civil law. This is derived from a Greek word, which signifies imperial constitutions. The emperor Basilius, finding the Corpus Juris Civilis of Justinian too long and obscure, resolved to abridge it, and under his auspices the work proceeded to the fortieth book, which, at his death, remained unfinished. His son and successor, Leo, the philosopher, continued the work, and published it in sixty books, about the year 880. Constantine Porphyro-genitus, younger brother of Leo, revised the work, re-arranged it, and republished it, Anno Domini, 910. From that time the laws of Justinian ceased to have any force in the eastern empire, and the Basilica were the foundation of the law observed there till Constantine XIII, the last of the Greek emperors, under whom, in 1453, Constantinople was taken by Mahomet the Turk, who put an end to the empire and its laws. Histoire de la Jurisprudence Etienne, Intr. a 1'etude du Droit Romain, Sec. LIII. The Basilica were written in Greek. They were translated into Latin by J. Cujas (Cujacius) Professor of Law in the University of Bourges, and published at Lyons, 22d of January, 1566, in one vol. fo.

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They watched the Eucharistic celebration on large LED screens installed around the basilica.
In particular, the restoration work on the Basilica involved the consolidation of the faade, bell tower, apse, all of the walls and pillars of the nave (also using controlled demolition techniques), the reconstruction of the collapsed part of the transept, the poly-lobed pillars, the triumphal arch and roof, the careful restoration of the side altars, the precious chapels of Jean Bassand and of the Saint.
Masson knelt in prayer at Tewatte pleading for divine intervention against the imminent Japenese arial bombings where later Thomas Cardinal Cooray, his successor, the first Sri Lankan Archbisop erected the national basilica dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus.
The occasional wail of babies in the basilica contrasted at times with the sweet voices of the choir.
The immense basilica was in the dark for the start of the service to signify the darkness of Jesus' tomb before what Christians believe was his resurrection from the dead three days after his crucifixion.
A statement Thursday says two parallel rows of granite and limestone pillars suggest the basilica was a social site that was also used for trade and judicial matters.
Monsenor Jesus Guizar Villanueva, canonigo de la Basilica de Guadalupe y sobrino de San Rafael Guizar y Valencia, al parecer fue asesinado en enero de este ano debido a que estaba enviando al Papa Benedicto XVI informacion confidencial sobre los multimillonarios negocios ilicitos que tienen las autoridades de la Basilica, a la que ya convirtieron en una jugosa "empresa" alejada de sus fines pastorales.
ISTANBUL, Sep 23, 2010 (TUR) -- An editor from Hong Kong has become the 1,111,111th visitor of Istanbul's famous Basilica Cistern this year.
Cyril with a service in the San Clemente Basilica in Rome every year on May 24, the Day of Slavic Script and Bulgarian Culture and Education.
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The Assumption Greek Orthodox Basilica of Erie Pennsylvania was bestowed with the prestigious Award for Design Excellence, and proclaimed an Architectural Landmark in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by Governor Edward Rendell.
All the Mexican extended family members, saturating the basilica, were of all ages.