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This experience may serve as a good basis for development of joint projects aimed at potential cooperation with Finnish stakeholders with regard to training of personnel for the Hanhikivi-1 NPP construction project , said Vladimir Artisiuk.
Mohamed Zayed Awad, affirmed that the Sudanization and indigenization of jobs at the oil production sector represents the basis for development of the extractive industries in the country.
Biomarkers are useful not only for diagnosis of some of these diseases but also for understanding the pathomechanism as well as a basis for development of therapeutics.
The Harlequin product team has solved this technical challenge with Harlequin Cross Modulated screens as the basis for development.
PAS 55 was the basis for development of the ISO 55000 standard.
As research and study makes an essential basis for development at Gandour, the launch of Moods came as a result of researches and studies conducted by the company in the MENA region.
Dr Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad, Minister of Environment and Water, said in a statement that water is not only the most important natural resource, but also the most precious, being the mainstay of life and basis for development.
Regulatory authorities can consider the adoption of these recommendations, in whole or in part, as the basis for development of jurisdiction-specific regulations.
The parties agree that the continuation of negotiation practice between the heads of states within the mechanism of regular meetings will be the main basis for development of bilateral cooperation in strategic branches of Kazakh and Chinese economy.
In the meantime, the two inventors are working on exploiting this new theory as the basis for development of a quantum-level macroscopic communication system, which they hope to eventually market through their firm.
We expect to create legal basis, and economic and political contacts, which will serve as a basis for development of bilateral contacts," Deputy Minister said.
The text's organizing themes are unity in diversity, the relationship between society and space, African societies in cultural context, and especially the environment as the material basis for development.