basis for relief

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We conclude that a creditor's failure to provide such notice does not constitute a sufficient basis for relief under ch.
"Nonetheless, the Town has not alleged in its complaint any plausible basis for relief of the sort this court legally may provide.
While Rule 8 pleadings are considerably less detailed than those under Rule 9 (which requires that allegations of fraud or mistake be pled with particularity), it nonetheless requires that the complaint set forth a basis for relief that is plausible, not merely conceivable.
Although the habeas statute specifically allows for challenges to convictions or sentences that are "in violation of the Constitution or the laws of the United States," amazingly some Federal circuit courts have held that there is no basis for relief in cases where a person is serving time for a crime that, post-conviction, it has been shown he did not commit.
Smith and Department staff have been working closely with attorneys general from California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and other states to identify wrongdoing that may provide former Corinthian students a basis for relief under federal law.
Smith and Department staff have been working closely with state attorneys general from Illinois, Wisconsin and other states across the country to identify wrongdoing that could provide former Corinthian students a basis for relief under federal law.
He said the government as well as the PML-N took practical steps on emergency basis for relief and rehabilitation of recent earthquake victims.
Dubai -- The Nepalese Business is Council on Wednesday evening met and decided on six items needed on a priority basis for relief in quake-hit Nepal.
Nevertheless, when these claims are brought together, New York appellate courts have failed to distinguish them or have analyzed the Brady claim first under constitutional precedents and then have rejected the statutory basis for relief largely without independent analysis.
He directed that administration and concerned departments should take measures on priority basis for relief and rehabilitation of flood victims and help them in this hour of need for achieving success in this world and the world hereafter.
In both Lafler and Frye, the failing of the defense attorney, not the prosecutor, is the claimed basis for relief. NDAA has joined in an amicus brief prepared by the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation, asserting that neither defendant should have his conviction reversed.
Her submissions to the court on appeal from a single justice's order did not rise to the level of adequate appellate argument and failed to establish any coherent basis for relief.