basis for relief

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He said the government as well as the PML-N took practical steps on emergency basis for relief and rehabilitation of recent earthquake victims.
Dubai -- The Nepalese Business is Council on Wednesday evening met and decided on six items needed on a priority basis for relief in quake-hit Nepal.
Nevertheless, when these claims are brought together, New York appellate courts have failed to distinguish them or have analyzed the Brady claim first under constitutional precedents and then have rejected the statutory basis for relief largely without independent analysis.
He directed that administration and concerned departments should take measures on priority basis for relief and rehabilitation of flood victims and help them in this hour of need for achieving success in this world and the world hereafter.
Her submissions to the court on appeal from a single justice's order did not rise to the level of adequate appellate argument and failed to establish any coherent basis for relief.
The Finance Secretary Sindh was asked to release relief funds to Senior Member Board of Revenue/Relief Commissioner Sindh who will make it available for Karachi, Thatta and Badin districts on an emergent basis for relief operation.
Our principle aim here is to document a basis for relief device capacity determination to insure these other types of protected components remain safe during abnormal operating excursions that can lead to high pressures.
The plain language of the rule does not require transmission of a transcript so long as the appendix contains enough material to set forth an adequate basis for relief.
The justice department said they believed they had "established a basis for relief that would end Microsoft's unlawful conduct, prevent its recurrence and open the operating systems market to competition".
Yesterday his department said that since an appellate court agreed that Microsoft illegally maintained a monopoly over the market for operating systems, the government 'believes it has established a basis for relief that would end Microsoft's unlawful conduct, prevent its recurrence and open the operating-systems market to competition'.
Department of Agriculture stated that they have no basis for relief and that the U.
Besides release of Rs 10 billion on urgent basis for relief and rescue during the flood, the Chief Minister informed that provincial government is still spending a huge amount in this respect and is determined to facilitate the flood affected people till their complete rehabilitation.